Our Offices

The IMI offices are located Raleigh, just 15 minutes from RDU International Airport. With over 7,000+ square feet of space, our offices are professional and comfortable.

Our offices are staffed 45 hours weekly. A staff member will answer all calls during regular business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET. The fax machine is never turned off, and we can be reached by Email at any time. Association presidents are given key home telephone numbers in case of emergency and employees have remote access to the in-house network for seamless service.

We know that security and safety is key, so we take every effort to protect our clients’ data. The entire computer system is backed up at the end of each workday, and the data is stored off-site when the office is closed. Each association’s valuable historical records and tax returns are stored securely in a fireproof filing cabinet for further safeguarding.

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